Lemon e-cymbals extended set

Fabricant: Lemon
E-cymbal extended set with hi hat, crash and ride cymbals
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This set contains a 12 inch hi-hat with controller, 13 inch crash cymbal and 15 inch 3-zone ride cymbal.

A complete set to replace your current cymbals or to convert your acoustic set into an electronic set.

The 12 inch hi hat comes with a dual-zone cymbal and a hi-hat controller

The 13 inch crash is a dual zone cymbal; bow and edge plus choke

The 15 inch cymbal can be used as a carsh or ride cymbal with it's triple-zones; bell, bow and edge plus choke function

The cymbals are made of durable black rubber which gives you realistic playability

Rotation stoppers included. 

Compatible with Roland modules and all Roland compatible modules like ATV, 2Box, Pearl Mimic Pro, Alesis

1-year warranty.

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