EFNOTE 7 e-drum set

Fabricant: EFNOTE
EFNOTE 7 : The Power of Full Scale
EAN: 4570059880596
€ 4.899,00 TTC
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Pure Drums, Pure Sounds

  • Brand new playing experience with full scale shells/cymbals
  • Reproduces raw drum sounds and ambient perfectly
  • 360° flat sensing with multi-sensor technology
  • Player centric design

Authentic Presence

  • Proves your musicality to the audience on stage
  • Pure white sparkle finish that shines in the spotlight
  • Realistic swaying of full-sized cymbals that visualize its sound

Portrays Textures of Vintage Drums

  • Good old collector's drum sets are newly recorded for EFNOTE 7/7X
  • Contains attack and eKick elements that can be layered to enhance the sound
  • Dedicated remastered acoustic drum sounds

Expandability for Customized Setup

  • Basic setup for flexible expansion based on your music style
  • Visit the Customize page for customized setup examples