EFNOTE 5X e-drum set

Fabricante: EFNOTE
EFNOTE 5X: The Complete Experience
EAN: 4570059880466
€ 4.299,00 incl impuestos
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Completion of Compact Style

  • Specially full-expanded based on EFNOTE 5
  • 5-piece shell and 5-piece cymbal set
  • Dignified black oak-ish finish
  • Player centric design

Playability and Musicality

  • Redefines compact drums by the completed playability
  • Pre-expanded for adapting to a variety of musical styles
  • 360° flat sensing with multi-sensor technology

One more rack tom can be expanded from this picture.

Specializes in Acoustic

  • Beautiful acoustic drum sounds
  • 99% capacity is used for acoustic drum sound
  • Includes rich ambient that reinforces the drum sound