Artesia Legacy A-250 drums

Fabricante: Artesia
Focusing on the re-presence of high quality acoustic drum sounds, the A-250s are capable of full-scaled performances while being affordable.
Sku: ART-LE-A250
EAN: 6955790611353
€ 1.349,00 incl impuestos
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Sophisticated Engine

All acoustic drum sounds are well recorded and processed by EFNOTE Japan. Excellent playability beyond the class thanks to delicately tuned sensors and sensing software.

Elite Sensitivity

Sound, playability, sensing, user-interface and everything you touch is tuned by EFNOTE Japan. The A-250 makes you happy to play for a long time because of its higher quality.

Simple Intuitive Operation

The newly designed compact sound module comes with simple operation and a high visibility functional panel layout.