Lemon LE-12MP2 12" 2-zone mesh head drum pad

Manufacturer: Lemon
Lemon LE-10MP2 12" 2-zone drum pad with mesh head and L-rod mounting part.
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The Lemon 2-zone 12 inch drum pad is a lightweight 12" mesh head Lemon Thor-Series Drums. It has an advanced dual-trigger sensor, a metal rim hoop, a tensionable head, and a compact casing.

For perfect positioning, the dual-mounting capability increases your setup versatility. The pad is ideal for use as snare and/or floor tom pads with your electronic drum kit.

A budget-friendly alternative to the Roland PDX-12 pad

Lemon's mesh pad offers an expanded 12" rim for comfortable and quiet rim-shots, plus separate head and rim triggering for authentic performance.
The tension of the head is adjustable to your playing style.


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