Lemon e-cymbal Pro hihat set

Manufacturer: Lemon
E-cymbal Pro set with the Lemon 2-piece hi hat, 15 inch crash and 18 inch ride
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This set contains a 12 inch 2-piece hi-hat, 15 inch 2-zone crash cymbal and 18 inch ride cymbal.

A complete set to replace your current cymbals or to convert your acoustic set into an electronic set.

The 12 inch 2-piece hi hat has a top and bottom cymbal for an excellent playing feel.

The 15 inch 2-zone crash is a dual zone cymbal; bow and edge.

The 18 inch cymbal is a triple-zone cymbal; bell, bow and edge.

All cymbals have a choke function

The cymbals are made of durable black rubber which gives you a realistic feel and playability

Rotation stoppers included. 

Compatible with Roland modules and all Roland compatible modules like ATV, 2Box, Pearl Mimic Pro, Alesis

1-year warranty.

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