Dreams made real

In 2018, a group of skilled engineers who had developed and innovated the electronic drum category for the last 20 years decided to pursue a different path. A fluid approach to developing electronic drums was needed, after feeling the limits of working for a leading Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. A place where they could throw the constraints of cost and mass production out the window.

EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 11" EFD-MDH11
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 12" EFD-MDH12
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 13" EFD-MDH13
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 14" EFD-MDH14
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 15" EFD-MDH15
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 16" EFD-MDH16
EFNOTE Mesh Drum Head 20" EFD-MDH20
EFNOTE Splash Cymbal Mount EFD-SCM5
EFNOTE 3X e-drum kit

EFNOTE 3X e-drum set


EFNOTE 3X: The Ultimate Performance

EFNOTE 5 e-drum kit

EFNOTE 5 e-drum set


EFNOTE 5: The Finest Compact Style

EFNOTE 5X e-drum kit

EFNOTE 5X e-drum set


EFNOTE 5X: The Complete Experience