ATV aD5 electronic module

Manufacturer: ATV
EAN: 4573319110082
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A whole new universe of drums awaits!
Artware is what makes it all possible - the player's true friend.

We firmly believe that musical instruments have the power to inspire people.

This is not something revealed through functions and specs but something more emotional. The so-called soul of the instrument that creates this feeling is what we call Artware. Maybe it is the happy union found from the player and instrument growing together along with pure instrumental enjoyment.

Craftsmanship, the true value of a musical instrument can also be found in electronic musical instruments. Even in these modern times, where throwing things away is easy we still want to offer electronic musical instruments that are long-loved and long-used.

The aD5 breathes life called Artware into electronic drums and makes the days you spend with it seem full and complete.