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Taye AH100R auxiliary hi hat with clamp ACS-6C5S

Hersteller: Taye
Taye AH100R aux hi hat with clamp ACS-6C5S
Artikelnummer: TYAH100RCL
EAN: 0733665220017
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An "auxliary hihat" this ACS component allows for the placement of another accessory hihat anywhere around the kit. The 3/4" tube on this component can be clamped to many acs parts on this page for placement on stands, and even floor tom legs!

One end accepts the 1/2 knurled rod found on boom arms, tom clamps, and floor tom legs. The other end accepts the 3/4" tube found on cymbal stand sections. It features an middle extension which extends from 4" to 7"

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